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Gentle and effective holistic sleep training, advice and support with feeding, sleeping, routines and behaviour for babies and toddlers from birth through to 5 years in Crouch End, Muswell Hill, Highgate, North London and Greater London





Do you have to rock, cuddle or feed your baby or toddler to sleep every night?
Are you finding it hard to cope with nightly wake-ups or early starts?
Do you find it challenging to get your baby or toddler to nap in their cot at regular times or for longer than a sleep cycle?
Does your toddler refuse to go to bed or stay in their bed?
Do you need help managing the needs of your toddler and new baby, or multiple babies?
Would you like help with establishing a routine and getting your newborn into good sleep habits as an expectant or new parent?
Are you returning work and keen to phase out night feeding or resolve your child's sleep problems to ease the transition into childcare?
Are you exhausted, exasperated and unsure how to help your child go through the night?

If you said “yes” to any of the sleep issues above, then I can help you. I am a certified infant and toddler sleep consultant based in North London but in addition to this specialist training, I have accreditation to support breastfeeding mothers, I am a trained primary school teacher and a working mother of two. This means I can work with you on your child’s sleep whilst also bearing in mind how this fits with their broader emotional, physical and developmental needs, as well as managing life as a busy parent.

With consistency, sleep training can be quick to achieve, and there are a variety of techniques I use, dependent on the age of your child, their specific sleep issues, your set-up at home and parenting approach. I have worked with hundreds of families - many London-based but some as far as Europe and the US - with most babies and toddlers able to fall asleep more independently at bedtime and nap times and sleep for longer periods at night within the first week - and begin sleeping through in the second week, if they have the physical maturity to stop night feeding. Or often some simple changes around sleep environment, routine timings and sleep cues can make a big difference to how easily your child can settle with less support.

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Without adequate sleep, it’s hard to be responsive to your children in the way you want to be and get through the day – whether you’re a working or stay-at-home parent. Children also need lots of sleep to support healthy development, so an uninterrupted night is important for the whole family.

It's equally important to maintain a consistent routine through infancy and childhood, as studies have shown that irregular sleep-wake patterns and mealtimes can cause significant changes in our moods and sense of well-being.

Even if you have a well-established routine and your baby or toddler is able to fall asleep by themselves, you may still experience tough patches when they are teething, ill or going through a growth spurt.

But if your family is chronically sleep-deprived night after night, I can help you assess the sleep problem and give you the support, techniques and confidence to make lasting changes that will enable your child to maintain healthy habits as they grow.

Sleep issues I work with include:

    • Establishing good sleep habits from birth
    • Age-appropriate feeding and nap routines for babies and toddlers
    Help sleeping through the night
    Nightmares or night terrors
    • Reducing or stopping night feeds
    Transitions from a moses basket/cot/bed
    Napping in a cot and elongating the lunchtime nap
    Identifying and managing colic, reflux and symptoms caused by food allergy or intolerance
    Twins or multiples and siblings sharing a room
    • Routines for babies and toddlers together
    Sleep disorders
    Early waking
    Toddlers and older children getting out of bed or not wanting to go to bed
    Unsustainable sleep associations i.e. feeding, cuddling, rocking, reliance on a dummy

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I have accredited OCN training in both Sleep Training and Breastfeeding, and further training with Millpond, the leading children's sleep clinic.

I fully understand and empathise with the demands and challenges of early parenthood, and know from first-hand experience that sleep training can be tough at times, but I firmly believe that teaching your child to sleep independently is one of the most important skills you can give them.

The best measure of my success as a sleep consultant is that my sons both sleep for 12 hours each night and have positive attitudes to bedtime. I can help you achieve this for your child too.

For home consultations, I cover Crouch End, Muswell Hill, Finsbury Park, Highgate, Islington, North London and surroundings areas

"Katie Fischer changed our lives, Can't recommend her highly enough."

"I really can't believe how successful the training has been. I will happily recommend you!"

"Katie was recommended by one of my NCT friends and I am so glad I made that call. From the start Katie listened to our sleep problem and what we had to say, was warm, non-judgemental, and honest in her responses. Katie's approach to sleep training was a holistic one - we went from a baby who would not eat solids or nap at regular times, to a baby who now eats three good sized meals everyday, has two regular naps, and goes through the night. The transformation has been amazing!

I can't thank Katie enough for her support and advice throughout our sleep training. Katie went above and beyond what I expected and was always there with helpful suggestions when I most needed them. To be honest, she helped so much, I'm not sure this testimonial does her justice!."

“Life saver as I am sure you have been told many a time :)”

"Katie’s approach to our sleep problem was gentle, supportive, non-judgemental and tailor-made not only to our baby but also to my husband and I. Neither of us ever felt uncomfortable with anything Katie recommended we do. Within 10 days, we had resolved our sleep issues - we had established a consistent routine, she was going through the night and was even napping in her travel cot away from home!"

"It worked better than we could have ever hoped for!"

"It's not too much of a stretch to say Katie changed our lives. Prior to meeting Katie, our 1 year old son would take an hour to go to sleep and wake every 2 hours or so, all night. We were exhausted. Katie taught us how to settle him without using the breast and he quickly responded to the sleep training technique and routine. We're so grateful to have found Katie and will never look back."

"Arthur is going to bed like a superstar and staying asleep all night. We are just loving our new life with a baby that sleeps. You do a fantastic job so don't retire before Arthur is a teenager as may need your help again!"

"Thank you for your excellent advice which has resulted in Owen sleeping to almost 6:30 for several days now. It's such a massive relief after months of torment!"

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