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Katie Fischer changed our lives, can't recommend her highly enough.

Petra, mother to Alfie, aged 1

Sleep coaching and behavioural advice from 9 months through to primary age

*For babies under 9 months, visit my Sleep Guides page. Here you'll find affordable, step-by-step advice to support you with establishing healthy infant sleep patterns at your own pace and troubleshoot some common challenges.*

Email-only option for quick advice

1-1 options and prices. emailclick


Not for complex sleep issues, but if you email me with your query (could be anything from nap transitions, introducing mealtimes, assessing readiness to reduce feeds, tips to help with early rising or managing a bedtime routine with a baby and older sibling, dummy issues, transitions from swaddle to sleeping bag or cot to bed, managing jet lag or tips for sleeping away from home etc), I will respond within 24 hours of payment with ideas and practical tips.

Please click on the Paypal button below to purchase or you can contact me to arrange payment by bank transfer.


Sleep consultation with Katie for any age 9 months - 11 years

1-1 options and prices. childandmum

£120 (+£30 for evenings)

£180 (+£30 for evenings or weekends)

Includes a review of your 48-72 hr diary/questionnaire, bespoke sleep plan and 2 follow-up emails you can use any time

PLUS access to my Sleep Maintenance Toolkit

  • During the consultation, we'll review your child’s sleep & health background, weekly routine and your family's logistics around childcare, schooling or work. We'll discuss the challenges you are having in more detail and your goals for improving family sleep, and then explore possible solutions to meet your aims and plan a potential timeframe for steps.
  • A home visit may also include meeting your child, siblings or other carers, assessing your child’s sleep environment and walking you through settling approaches.
  • You'll receive a comprehensive, tailored plan with key focus areas, such as where your child sleeps and their sleep hygiene, structuring their day and night, meeting their nutritional, physical, emotional and sensory needs, parental coping strategies and age-appropriate settling techniques.
  • For babies and toddlers, I offer guidance on how to introduce manageable steps of behavioural change to gently remove parental support at bedtime, nap time or during the night. For older children, I offer responsive, creative ways to build your child’s confidence and ability to fall asleep and back to sleep more independently, and manage night time anxiety.
  • Each consultation includes 2 follow-up emails to review your child's progress, provide follow-up support and answer any further questions as you're implementing changes. There is NO time limit to use these emails.
  • My Sleep Maintenance Toolkit has a wealth of resources and tips about age-appropriate topics, such as recommended bedtime reading, how to gently progress nap routines, managing teething, illness and sleep away from home, bottle-feeding tips, and strategies to manage the clock changes.
  • If your family's sleep challenges are quite complex or you'd like to work through a phased approach with your child over a series of weeks, a second session by phone may be helpful so that we can focus on some initial changes and passive strategies first, which will be easier to implement, and then a longer-term goal, which might be around modifying how your child falls to sleep or back to sleep.


Sleep packages designed for toddlers and older children with additional support from Katie

1-1 options and prices. Boysinbed2

£250 (+£30 for evenings)

£310 (+£30 for evenings or weekends)

Includes a review of your 48-72 hr diary/questionnaire, bespoke sleep plan, 2 x 30 min review phone calls and 2 weeks of continuous email support

PLUS access to my Sleep Maintenance Toolkit

Children's sleep problems beyond infancy often go hand-in-hand with challenging daytime behaviour, limit testing, developmental transitions and times of change or worry. These packages for toddlers 18 months+ and older children include more intensive follow up and incorporate daytime behavioural strategies to support you in:

  • setting gentle boundaries and managing times of conflict calmly and confidently
  • planning your child's day and night around their evolving sleep need and wider physical, emotional and sensory needs
  • understanding zones of regulation and building a toolkit of mindfulness strategies and props to help your child's mind and body calm down effectively at the end of the day
  • removing parental presence to fall asleep or helping your child stay in their bed at bedtime or during the night
  • creative ways to build your child's sense of confidence to sleep independently and manage underlying anxiety
  • guiding your child through key transitions and periods of change that may unsettle sleep

Following your consultation, you have 2 weeks of continuous email support with me so I can respond to questions as they arise, guide and reassure, and help you make adjustments where needed. We will plan when you'd like the support to start, which is available within 4 weeks of your consultation.

ALSO INCLUDED - 2 additional 30 min phone calls to review progress after weeks 1 and 2, and we'll identify any next steps to help ensure that your child maintains healthy sleep habits as they grow.

My Sleep Maintenance Toolkit has a wealth of resources and tips about age-appropriate topics, such as recommended bedtime stories and how to create your own personalised bedtime book for your child, how to manage daytime sleep needs between 18-36 months, coping with illness and sleep away from home, strategies to manage the clock changes and child-friendly mindfulness ideas.

Multiples and siblings

The price of consultations is the same as above for twins. If you'd like help with siblings within the same consultation, I offer the following discounts for a second child:

35% discount for phone consultations
50% discount for home consultations

Follow-up support


Many sleep problems will be improved or resolved with a single consultation, but if you'd like some further support with embedding or adapting your plan, progressing your child's routine or troubleshooting at any point, I offer these pay-as-you-go follow-up options:





1-1 options and prices. emotioncoaching

Trouble-shooting challenging behaviour

£90 (+£30 for evenings)

If you’ve worked with me previously on your child’s sleep but you’re experiencing some new behavioural challenges, I offer a 45-minute add-on trouble-shooting consultation, which includes summary notes.

We will talk through common pressure-points and times in the day that are leading to conflict and meltdowns, what you’ve been trying, and possible strategies that will help you manage conflict calmly and confidently, set gentle boundaries and support your child with emotional regulation.

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