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Katie went above and beyond what I expected and was always there with helpful suggestions when I most needed them.

Pavan, mother to Anup, aged 10 months

Working with me

Contact me to arrange a free initial 20-minute call

My techniques are tailored to your child's developmental age and personality, as well as your parenting approach and individual circumstances. I recognise that each child is different and always take the time to build up a full history of your child’s sleep habits and all the factors that affect them, like feeding and nutrition, day time routines, temperament, health, allergy, developmental phases, mobility, siblings, childcare and home environment, before making any recommendations.

My role as a sleep coach is to help you understand what falls within a normal range and why your child is behaving in the way that they are, and then give you the knowledge, techniques and confidence to optimise the environment for sleep, help your child into a consistent routine that's age-appropriate and phase out sleep associations or overcome habitual waking, so that they learn to sleep independently. Typically, a plan might be for 2-3 weeks and most children respond quickly, but others may require a more gradual approach, especially if they are still feeding lots at night, not yet in their own room or they're experiencing change (developmental or external factors).

When you contact me by phone or email, we will discuss the nature of the problem, your aims for your child’s sleep and how I can help you. If you’re happy to go ahead, I will ask you to complete a questionnaire and keep a 48-72 hour diary, which will help us see your child’s sleep in a realistic light and enable us to put together a targeted sleep plan.

However, I know that when parents take the step to contact a sleep consultant, they often want help urgently, so I will always suggest some easy, immediate changes you can make to promote good sleep habits.

Unlike many sleep programmes, my plans are not rigid and I have options with built-in contact by phone and email to work through any difficulties, give encouragement, review progress and make adjustments as we go.

I also work with you in a flexible way so that you don't end up paying for a lengthy plan that isn't necessary.

What parents say about the way I work

"Katie's style throughout the sleep training was gentle and supportive."

"She has built my confidence and adapted to our preferences for our baby."

"What I appreciate most is her calm thoughtful approach. There's nothing militant or judgemental about her.

"We were previously apprehensive about sleep training as we thought it was cruel and unnecessary. Katie's method was neither and she explained things so well. Her support throughout was fantastic and gave us so much confidence."

"I really appreciate your time, patience and flexibility with methods we are more comfortable with."


What to expect

  • Following a sleep plan can be physically and emotionally tiring so it helps to clear your diary and have family available for support.

  • Consistency and perseverance are key to long-term success - if you change your approach and expectations night to night, your child will get mixed messages and struggle to make progress.

  • Sleep coaching isn't a quick fix - it's an ongoing process and, though your child may start sleeping through, you'll need to continue to be consistent and adapt their routine as they grow.

  • You may experience some tough patches during your child's first years when they are ill, teething or going through a developmental leap. Comfort them and adjust their routine as necessary, but continue to keep in mind the principles of healthy sleep habits so that they can return to sleeping independently when they're able.


Terms & Conditions


Payment is by bank transfer and needed in full before all consultations, otherwise your booking remains provisional.

Sleep diary/Questionnaire:

Please be aware the diary and sleep questionnaire also needs to be completed and emailed by 9pm two days prior to your consultation, to allow me adequate time to assess it, ask any further questions and prepare a draft sleep plan, otherwise we may have to postpone the consultation. I will send a reminder by email on the day if I haven’t received it.

Support Packages:

The price includes 14 continuous days of email and 2 phone calls (to be arranged within this period). After completing the consultation, the additional cost of this 2 weeks of support is not refundable, but there is an option to delay the support within a 2-month period of the consultation date.

I am available for email support between the hours of 7am-7pm, and will always endeavour to respond promptly or within 3 hours of your email.

Solo Consultations:

The price includes two emails following your consultation, for which there is no time limit. I will always endeavour to respond promptly the same day or within 24 hours.


Once payment is made to secure a consultation, the booking is non-refundable. However, if you need to postpone a consultation after you have booked and made payment, please do let me know as soon as possible, and I will be happy to rearrange another day/time with you.

If you miss your consultation time or give fewer than 12 hours’ notice that you need to reschedule a phone or home consultation, please be aware that I charge 50% of the consultation fee if you want to re-book.

Peppy Health:

For services booked via Peppy Health, there will be an additional 15% charged on all the prices listed below.

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