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Katie has been an absolute lifesaver for us and by far the best money we have ever spent on our daughter!

Aimee, mother to Remi, aged 5 months


"It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say my baby's sleep has completely transformed while working with Katie. He was feeding multiple times every night (on average 4-6 times, sometimes less than hourly), needing frequent resettling after being put down until we came to bed, and refusing to nap anywhere other than on one of us or in the car or pram. After 6 months of this, I was an emotional wreck and despite feeling strongly that I didn't want to let my baby cry, I wasn't coping, and couldn't be the mum I want to be.

I was put in touch with Katie, after our initial chat we agreed a couple of steps for his first night in his cot and his own room, then kicked off properly the next night. He slept through the night on the 2nd proper night! 11 hours! My husband and I could not believe it! In our first week he slept through on 5 nights, and has also been napping in this cot, giving me the chance to shower etc in peace! I won't pretend its all been easy, but the change has been incredibly quick. With Katie's support and personalised advice, I'm totally confident I'm doing the right thing to help my baby develop. He's still a very happy smiley boy, and we have more fun for me being better rested.

Katie's style is gentle and supportive, she has built my confidence and adapted to our preferences for our baby. We've discussed all elements of his day, from recipe suggestions to resettling techniques and lighting! Working over email and phone has worked really well for me. I really feel she has been a lifesaver, I'm feeling more human again and positive about motherhood!"

Eva, mother to Leon, aged 6 1/2 months

"My wonderful 10 month old son was feeding multiple times every night and refused to sleep anywhere other than on me or squished in the bed between myself and my husband. I loved having that feeling of being needed and the warm comfort of waking up near my son. However, with my maternity leave about to end, the thought of waking up four times a night and working an eight hour day was terrifying.

Katie was recommended by one of my NCT friends and I am so glad I made that call. From the start Katie listened to what we had to say, was warm, non-judgemental, and honest in her responses. Katie's approach to sleep training was a holistic one - we went from a baby who would not eat solids or nap at regular times, to a baby who now eats three good sized meals everyday, has two regular naps, and sleeps through the night. The transformation has been amazing!

I can't thank Katie enough for her support and advice throughout our sleep training. Katie went above and beyond what I expected and was always there with helpful suggestions when I most needed them. To be honest, she helped so much, I'm not sure this testimonial does her justice!".

Pavan, mother to Anup, aged 10 months

“Before working with Katie, our 10 month old baby was still waking frequently at night, often only settling after milk, and her naps were consistently a struggle. Within a few days, following Katie’s advice, she started settling herself independently at night and was napping without protest in her cot. Within 10 days, we had established a consistent routine, she was sleeping really well at night and was even napping in her travel cot away from home! Katie’s approach is gentle, supportive, non-judgemental and tailor-made not only to our baby but also to my husband and I. Neither of us ever felt uncomfortable with anything Katie recommended we do and every day we had her input and advice on how to improve things further. I feel so much better now that her sleeping is improved - my only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner!"

Caroline, mother to Rosa, aged 10 months

"Katie has been an absolute lifesaver for us and by far the best money we have ever spent on our daughter! We cannot recommend Katie highly enough - her methods are gentle but effective and the support she gave us with sorting out our daughters sleep issues was invaluable. Before Katie we would spend hours rocking our baby to sleep and would never know how long she would sleep for. She was also dependent on falling asleep with a dummy and white noise. But within 2 weeks our 5 month old daughter was sleeping through the night, and she was able to put herself to sleep without any help from us - the dummy, white noise and rocking were a thing of the past. Now on the rare occasion she does wake up, we know now how to re-settle her within minutes rather than hours. We also have a consistent routine for feeds and naps which has made such a difference to our day to day lives. But most of all we have a happier and very well rested baby!"

Aimee, mother to Remi, aged 5 months

"Katie was able to get my sleepless, strong willed, high energy toddler to nap when no one else could. Prior to her efforts he would only go down for his nap if I was there and that was only if I let him fall asleep on the breast. Katie was able to get him to sleep on his own, in his cot, without any form of pacifier and without any trauma, tears or tantrums. Miraculous!"

Rebecca, mother to Benjamin, aged 22 months

"It's not too much of a stretch to say Katie changed our lives. Prior to meeting Katie, our 1 year old son would take an hour to go to sleep and wake every 2 hours or so, all night. We were exhausted. Katie taught us how to settle him without using the breast and he quickly responded to the technique and routine.

We were previously apprehensive about sleep training as we thought it was cruel and unnecessary. Katie's method was neither and she explained things so well. Her support throughout was fantastic and gave us so much confidence.

"Katie Fischer changed our lives, Can't recommend her highly enough.We're so grateful to have found Katie and will never look back."

Peta, mother to Alfie, aged 1

"Thank you so much Katie. You have no idea what you have done to help us - not just as parents but also for our relationship."

Beatriz, mother to Pia, aged 11 months

"In February, we could sustain the night waking no more. It had got to a point where it was effecting our son’s behaviour but also all areas of our lives. Something had to change, but if we were going to do sleep training then we wanted to do it right and with support. We reached out to Katie for her help. A decision we will never regret. From the moment we met Katie, we found her to be very knowledgeable, personable and non-judgmental. She took time to understand our son, the issues we were experiencing and was always mindful of our parenting style when recommending a sleep plan. Katie was on hand for questions and guidance throughout providing us with much reassurance. The outcome: Our son is more positive about bedtime, he happily goes to sleep in his own bedroom without needing us present and sleeps through the night. Her support to our family was truly invaluable and worth every penny!"

Kiran, mother to Kyan, aged 3

"Leila has slept through the last 3 nights. Thanks so much for your help."

Charlotte, mother to Leila, aged 6.5 months

"Thank you for your excellent advice which has resulted in Owen sleeping to almost 6:30 for several days now. It's such a massive relief after months of torment!"

Lorraine, mother to Owen, aged 11 months

"It worked better than we could have ever hoped for! Night 1 we had around 3 mins of crying when she first went down, didn't even make it to the first check in before she went to sleep! On subsequent night wakings that first night she settled herself. It's been 2.5 weeks and we've probably had to resort to shushing a handful of times only and we've had many night of sleeping completely through or settling herself.

Thank you for giving me the confidence and reassurance to put her in her own room and the belief that she didn't need night feeds."

Sophie, mother to Emilia, aged 8 months

"Thanks again for your support over the last two weeks, it has given us all some much needed structure over a period of upheaval, and very much changed our lives for the better!"

Rachel, mother to Cleo, aged 6 months

"We're in the process of sleep training and I'd already highly recommend Katie, our consultant. The free initial call was great (which she didn't limit to her advertised 15 mins) and we opted to do her package via phone and email as that suits us best as well as being cheaper

We got in touch to address toddler (26 months) bedtime settling (almost 2hrs to get him down some nights) and night waking separation anxiety but Katie has included a plan for our (slightly fretful) 7 month old too so their routines are complimentary which means no more juggling them at bedtime when I'm on my own!

The sleep training methods themselves isn't anything we'd not read a bit about and half tried but she has looked at their whole daily routine and helped us to identify areas to change that impact on their night time sleep. Plus given us strict guidelines for two different approaches to suit the stage that each of them are at. She has a lovely manner and is very thorough.

We're just starting out on the implementation but already feeling that it's working and importantly we feel like we are confident and in control now."

Kerry, mother to Bobby, aged 2 years, 2 months and Annie, aged 7 months

"Thanks so much for all of your help and for getting us into a much, much better position. I really appreciate your time, patience and flexibility with methods we are more comfortable with."

Laura, mother to Gracie, aged 7 months

"Juliette slept for 11hrs 10 mins completely uninterrupted for the first time today so it felt like the right day to update you!

Juliette is bright and bonny, and remarkably pleasant during the day, even more than before. The schedule has relieved a lot of stress from my life; as I can predict her naps, feeds and meals. I plan our outings around these.
Overall we are delighted with the results and that's thanks to your guidance and knowledge which Kristian and I are very appreciative of. I acknowledge there will be setbacks along the way so we are taking each night at a time until we get confident enough that it might become second nature. You'll be the first person I come to if we need further advice."

Joanna, mum to Juliette, age 7 months

"Basically, I want to say a huge thank you as your advice has certainly turned our lives around. Pretty much from stage 1 he was sleeping through again, which was amazing as he had been waking up every night since he was 18 months old. We are now on stage 5 and we can now put him in his cot, walk out, he cries for anywhere between 2 and 4 minutes and goes silent and off to sleep. He's asleep by 7.15pm now, when it was always 8pm at the earliest before. And we now have some more evening time to unwind. He's been doing this for the past week now. And still sleeping through. He even slept through at my parents house over Christmas, which he has never done before. We always found if we were away anywhere the nights would be awful but he did 3 nights in a row there, which was incredible.

So thank you again, we are so glad we saw you and for baby no. 2 we will definitely do this much earlier on."

Kim, mother to Jake, aged 21 months

"I just wanted to let you know that following our consultation with you, we all followed the plan and Tim did nights with Cleo. Within a week or so and despite the fact she was teething with molars coming through, we got there and she has been sleeping through the night most nights since and a regular nap at 1pm for a couple of hours with no falling asleep on the nursery run! Thanks very much again for your help with this."

Lianne, mother to Cleo, aged 13 months

"The plan has really exceeded our expectations and Hazel's sleep both overnight and during the day has greatly improved so thank you so much!"

Pamela, mother to Hazel, aged 5 months

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you. Your day time routine and night method have completely transformed our family. We are all sleeping better and are so much happier. Thank you for your patience and understanding through the two weeks of support. We wouldn't have got here without you and I now know what to do going forwards to!"

Pip, mother to Josh, aged 7.5 months

"Just updating you and all good news! Since we've been home, we've managed to stick to the routine much better and he's been sleeping in to somewhere between 6-6:30 and now down to one nap a day. Seems really happy and has got right into it...

Thanks again so much - we are VERY grateful for your help."

Nina, mother to Arlo, aged 14 months

"I just wanted to say thanks for your help with Josh's sleep training. Your guidance has really turned Josh's sleep around as well as turning my life around for the better! He now sleeps 7pm until 6.45/7am every night and will willingly go down for a nap twice a day. I never thought it was possible! I feel like I have so much more time to myself. Plus Alex successfully put Josh down for both naps and bedtime yesterday. This is exactly the result I wanted.

Caroline, mother to Josh, aged 8 months

“After refocussing Leya on sleeping through she has been much better! She has slept through most nights since. Even when she hasn’t I am staying only a minute or so outside her bedroom before going back to bed. We are now coming downstairs after saying goodnight without any fuss. I think it has really worked well, so thank you very much.
I have been recommending you to everyone!”

Amanda, mother to Leya, aged 3 years

“It has been two weeks since we started - the first night, he sat up and cried for 3 mins, the next night for 1.5 and since then pretty much 10-30 seconds after we walk out. Then he just lies down, potters around for a few mins and falls asleep....! so in essence I assume we are done...! Many thanks again for your help, life saver as I am sure you have been told many a time :)”

Lynne, mother to Alexander, aged 18 months

“I wanted to drop you a line to say that your advice has made such a massive difference. To be honest, I didn't even open the document you sent until today because the suggestions you made on the phone completely revolutionised our sleep! Freya is sleeping through for at least 11 hours and she goes down for her nap without feeding and often without even a whimper! Wow! I wish I'd contacted you sooner (I bet you hear that ALL the time!”

Jana, mother to Freya, aged 1 year

“First of all, I wanted to say a huge thank you as the training really has been a revelation for us - it's changed our lives drastically! The first night was tough but by Days 2 and 3, Rose slept through to 5:15am without waking and since then, she's been sleeping through the night from 7:30pm to 7:00/7:30am! We sometimes hear her babbling from 6am onwards, but tend to leave her as she usually falls asleep again until 7:00/7:30am. We can also now leave the room when she's awake after just a few minutes and she usually settles herself in her cot without too much fuss. ”

Jenny, mother to Rose, aged 9.5 months

"Thanks for all your help over the past couple of months, you've been amazing, and the progress we've made has been something close to miraculous - it's been much appreciated :)"

Shish, father to Eden, aged 8 months

"Just wanted to thank you again for your help, it’s literally changed my life! I can now just leave Lily to get to sleep herself and she’s even sleeping at nursery after just a few sessions there. I honestly thought there was more chance of her learning to juggle than this happening!

Your approach was great and I really appreciate you answering my emails so quickly and with the level of detail. I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen so you might get some calls from other Bristol mums in need!"

Sophie, mother to Lily aged 10.5 months

"I’ve been meaning to email you to firstly say thank you so much for all of your help. The transformation in the boys sleep is unbelievable. I’m too scared to say they now both sleep the night through (but they do!). They’ve really been doing so well. And Keith and I are overjoyed!"

Justine, mother to Charlie and Oliver, aged 2

"I’ve been meaning to message for a few weeks now to thank you so much for your phone call with regards to Benji’s sleep. The tips and information that you gave were incredibly helpful and he is now only waking once at night. Bliss!

I’ll obviously continue to recommend you to my friends. You have helped so so much with both our children and we really appreciate it."

Charlie, mother to Jessie and Benji

“Hi Katie, I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for your help again, you are a miracle worker!!"

Rachel, mother to Annabelle, aged 16 months

"I’ve been meaning to email you to firstly say thank you so much for all of your help. The transformation in the boys sleep is unbelievable. I’m too scared to say they now both sleep the night through (but they do!). They’ve really been doing so well. And Keith and I are overjoyed!"

Justine, mother to twins Charlie and Oliver, aged 2

"Hey Katie, I just thought of you whilst putting Avi down for her nap, so just messaging to say a massive thank you! Avi sees sleeping in her sleeping bag and cot as a massive treat, so she loves it. She smiles like a Cheshire Cat as soon as she sees her sleeping bag.
Thanks so much for your guidance and giving us the confidence to do the sleep training! It’s literally changed our lives!"

Nita and Amish, parents to Avi aged 10 months

"Our son has always been an 'okay' sleeper, but after introducing two methods suggested by Katie, our son has miraculously gone from just 'okay' to the dream sleeper! He now sleeps 12 hours straight every night (with a very short, timed nap just after lunch) and even though he was a happy, calm child before we changed his routine, he seems to be even happier now that he's sleeping properly.

My husband and I are very grateful to Katie for her simple, effective tips. I'll definitely be hitting Katie up when Baby #2 comes along in November and have given her phone number to many of my sleep-deprived mum friends. I was dubious of sleep consultants before meeting Katie but now am a firm believer. Thank you Katie!"

Cassandra, mother to Rupert, aged 2

"I have had the pleasure of having recently had Katie’s support, in dealing with our 10 month old daughter’s settling and napping issues. From our initial telephone chat, I was instantly impressed with Katie and couldn’t wait to get started. Katie is warm, very easy to talk to and so supportive. I felt less desperate about the situation having Katie to guide me through and it really felt like a team effort. The sleep plan that Katie devised for us was exceptionally well thought out, with an incredibly detailed and holistic approach; covering all aspects of our little one’s day. By implementing Katie’s suggestions, the change was almost immediate and into the bargain we also found that our baby began to sleep longer in the mornings! Something I hadn’t even hoped to achieve, so it was a huge bonus!

There were inevitable bumps in the road with progress, but Katie was always so reassuring and helpful in her suggestions to get things back on track.

I must be honest, I am sure I asked Katie more questions along the way than most people would! Katie always made me feel as though they were important, never trivial, and came back to me quickly, with detailed answers.

At the end of the plan, Katie provides further information about next steps and routine development moving forward, which I was really impressed by. Katie doesn’t just deal with the here and now, but thinks ahead to help you deal with upcoming changes. I now feel really well armed in facing the next nap transition, from two to one nap (and beyond). In my view that really is above and beyond and I am so grateful for those extra tips to help me move forward with confidence.

To put it simply, Katie is exceptional at what she does and I can not recommend her highly enough. Thank you so much Katie."

Victoria, mother to Harper aged 11 months

"Katie was absolutely brilliant. We started following her programme and her advice and our baby went from waking every few hours to sleeping through the night in his own room. It's now been 4 months since she helped us and he's still sleeping through the night. He's happier and we're all sleeping better. Katie was clear, patient and sympathetic to how we wanted to do it. Very much recommended."

Emily and Natan, parents to Leonard, aged 7 months

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